Mega Drive Flashcarts

At the moment, there is only one Mega Drive / Genesis flash cartridge listed on this page. This model also supports the Mega CD / Sega CD consoles as well.

Status Make Brand Model Notes MSRP
Shipping Krikzz Mega Everdrive Pro¹ The only known shipping Mega-CD/Sega CD Flashcart; has the added benefit of being compatible with Mega Drive/Genesis titles as well ~USD$199


  • Don’t forget NTSC vs PAL consideration still apply.
  • 32X games can be played off the cart with the 32X add-on attached and part of your tower-of-power. Despite this, the six (6) 32X-CD games cannot.
  • Sega Master System game (and by extension, Game Gear and SG-1000?) can be run off of this Flashcart.
  • Some NTSC Nintendo Entertainment System games can be emulated.
  • MSU Mega Drive/Genesis games are a thing. And this is the only flashcart that can play them.

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