A Quick Guide on GBA Flashcarts

Here are the best GBA flashcarts available on the market currently. For other consoles, please see the quick start guide list.

The below flashcarts are purchasable from AliExpress or reputable retro accessory stores like Hand Held Legend and Retro Game Repair Shop.

EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition #

EZ Flash ODE Premium option with better battery life and some niche features like rumble and Slot-2 DS compatibility for linking. Fixes save issue from regular version. Has a bigger pcb so it doesnt come with the alternative DS Lite shell. Mahko made a more indepth post here.

This cart costs around $80 USD. Purchase links have been provided here though they may not be the cheapest listings out there:

EZ Flash Omega #

EZ Flash Omega The non-premium option with a few shortcomings. It has a notable battery drain and requires waiting 5-10 seconds for it to write saves onto the sd card. Also comes with an alternate shell to sit flush in the DS Lite. This would be the best cart for people on a budget, it isn’t as limited in what it can do compared to the SuperCard SD and it doesn’t cost as much as the premium options.

This cart costs about $40-50 USD. Purchase links have been provided here though they may not be the cheapest listings out there:

Everdrive GBA Mini #

Everdrive GBA Mini Premium option with the best battery life. It fits snug like a regular cartridge. However, the EZ Flash Omega DE costs less and has more features in comparison. We would only recommend this flashcart if you want the best battery life possible.

Currently, this is the only GBA flashcart being sold by Krikzz. The previous Everdrive GBA X5 is no longer in stock.

This cart costs $104 USD. You can find it on Krikzz website here: https://krikzz.com/our-products/cartridges/everdrive-gba-mini.html

SuperCard SD #

SuperCard MiniSD The cheapest and worst option. This cart only supports 2GB SD cards. ROMs require a lot of patching to be able to use them on this cart, even then some games will refuse to work. Saving on this cart is manual as you need to quick reset to the menu to save. However, it seems to be the only readily available cart to work in conjunction with TWiLight Menu++ on DS Phat/Lite for loading GBA games natively on those systems via Slot-1. Costs anywhere between $10-20 USD.

This cart costs anywhere between $10-20 USD. A purchase link has been provided but it may not be the cheapest listing out there:

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